Review of tapbit Exchange: Get Ready to Profit from the Crypto Boom with Tapbit

​About Tapbit

Tapbit, formerly known as Billance, is a cryptocurrency exchange with the best trading liquidity on the market. Tapbit, at the time Billance, was founded in 2021 and provides secure and stable trading services for mainstream crypto assets such as BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT, and USDC. The platform has been awarded the MSB fiat currency trading license from the US federal government and the MTL financial license from 10 states. The exchange fully protects the safety of users’ assets. In this regard, they have a $40 million insurance fund to cover the losses caused by Tapbit. The exchange is also committed to fully meeting all compliance policies and has a policy of continuous improvement.

Tapbit has industry-leading technology, including a core aggregator that is the most technologically advanced product of its kind currently on the market. With its fault tolerance and extremely high processing speed, which allows it to solve all concurrency problems arising from the instantaneous huge volume of transactions, as well as payments. With bank-grade SSL encryption, multiple signatures, Hot & Cold wallet separation technology can strictly protect the security of all user assets.

Tapbit is one of the most secure and reliable cryptocurrency service platforms available in the market that global investors can use and benefit from without having to worry about potential risks. related to space, made possible using cutting-edge technologies and pioneering algorithmic computing.

Pros and Cons of Tapbit

Tapbit Pros

Tapbit Cons

  • Security: Separation of Hot and Cold Wallets, Multi-Signature Wallet
  • User experience: 7/24 Hour Customer Service, Millisecond Trading
  • Full Compensation for User Losses Caused By Platform Accidents
  • Awesome Mobile App trading.

  • Not an established player, quite new to the space compared to Binance, Coinbase & Kucoin exchanges.
  • Poor Transparency rating as there are no historical rating.

Tapbit trading benefits

Tapbit covers all the popular crypto currencies for trading with BTC/USDT pair being their m market trading liquidity crypto with $324 million. Tapbit offers more than 140+ cryptocurrencies for users to buy, sell, and trade with a stable trading service.

Tapbit offers over 600 cryptocurrencies for users to buy, sell, and trade. Those looking for a wide selection of assets may appreciate what this exchange provides.

Tapbit offers fascinating exchange services, which can be approved by thousands of traders from all over the world. Every customer, if they are beginners or professionals, will find numerous useful and profitable tools and features in Tapbit.
The reasons you should work with this exchange:

  • Tapbit has got a universal and strong infrastructure. Modern technologies and methods, which are being used by the exchange, let their customers deliver various types of fiscal products on one single platform. The effect of instant order execution and the price chart are also being used effectively .
  • The crypto opportunities. You can use the most famous and valuable cryptocurrencies with Tapbit and make different transactions and operations using cryptos, like BTC, ETH, XRP, and many others.
  • Your safety is fully provided on the website of Tapbit. You can be confident about the confidentiality of your data and communications. The safety system is extra-strengthened, and also, the website is equipped with SSL encryption.

Service and Feature

Spot Trading

The step-by-step use of, ultra-low transaction fee rates. Spot product offers users on demand sophisticated makers with high quality trading depths solutions. Over 100 high cryptocurrencies to use and trade with.

Derivatives Trading

With a reasonable pricing Tapbit offers one click solutions for users to take profit and stop loss, long and short two-way positions. For a peace of mind, Tapbit got you covered with 20 million USD advance compensation fund.


No NFT project has been launched by the exchange as of the time of this writing. Though the platform shows clearly that there’d be an NFT marketplace, the project still remains a mission yet to be accomplished.

Exchange features

The four main Core features offered by Tapbit:
- OneStop Trading Solution – Tapbit gives you the ability to trade anywhere with it being available both on mobile and desktop.
- Bullet-proof Security – Digital assets with a 20 Million USDT insurance fund so investor’s assets are covered in the worst case scenario.
- The Ultimate User Experience – offering 24/7 customer support
- Regulatory Licences – Tapbit has successfully gained licences from different jurisdictions. Including, EMI from FCA, the USA’s MSBs & FinCEN.
Tapbit supports over 50+ Crypto Pairs with millisecond-level trading experience; trading crypto derivatives with up to 100x leverage; earn functions.


Trade any digital asset you desire, at a time and place of your liking, without any of the fuss

Fiat Buy Crypto

Other legal currency payment support, includes, but not limited to the following Mastercard, VISA, Diners Club and JCB.


Forex major, commodities and cryptos. Trade CFDs on multi-asset in one platform with crypto. Trade the world’s markets from anywhere with world top liquidity provider and fast execution. Easy-to-use and fast account setting up. Account setting-up within 5 minute, advanced trading charts and using friendly interface.

Education at Tapbit

The exchange’s website is equipped with a wide variety of educational information, tutorials and guides, which can be useful for intermediate traders, experts, and for those who have just started their trading activity and have little knowledge and experience.

Here is the smaller part of the educational measures that you can find on Tapbit’s website:

  • The latest news and the description of the market’s current situation will help you to orientate better and to understand how to interact with the trading market to get a huge profit.
  • Very comprehensive tutorials will surely support you to correctly use the outstanding tools and the features of the exchange’s website and the terminal. There are also tutorials that will teach you the basics of trading techniques and simple terminology.
  • Trading strategies and advice from experienced experts will show you the routines of the trading world. And even professional traders could find something new in those tutorials.
  • Pro or VIP customers of the exchange services’ company will get personal assistant or manager who will support them in analysis, send useful and impressive tips and strategies or send them special signals.

Tapbit customer support

The assistance service in Tapbit is a big advantage, compared to many other exchanges. Customer assistance or support is very intelligible and comprehensive. The live support chat will answer all your question within minutes or even seconds. The most effective type of support is the communication with the support center through e-mail, the ticketing system or social media.

Fees summary

One thing i like about Tapbit is their fee structure and of-course, Deposit to the exchange is free. Compared to other exchanges, Tapbit fees are quite reasonable. For BTC they charge a fixed withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC with a minimum of 0.001 BTC.

Below table shows popular digital assets fees in Tapbit for withdrawal.


Maker Orders

Taker Orders


Orders that enter the order book and fill up the liquidity inside the order book before execution.

Orders that execute immediately by taking liquidity out from the order book.

Trading Fees on Spot



Trading Fees on Derivatives



​How to Register?


1. Click on to enter the home page of the official website, then click on the upper right hand corner on “Register” to then, register.

2. Choose between either your email or your mobile phone number to register an account, fill in the relevant information to complete the registration.

Register with Email

Register with a phone number

​APP Registration

1. Open our APP, and click “Login / Register” on the Tapbit homepage.

2. Enter the registration page, choose between your email or your mobile phone number to register, from there, fill in the relevant information as requested to complete the registration.

Register with Email

Register with a phone number

​Security Settings

To fully protect your account security and accordingly its assets. It is highly recommended to fully complete the security settings before you start to make an actual trade. Please click “Security Center” in the drop-down menu after logging in.

Furthermore, there are a few security setting options, which are quite important during the actual trading initiatives. We strongly recommend you fully enable and activate 2FA, on your official account.

Bind Google Authentication or SMS Authentication.

You can use your mobile phone or Google Verification to verify your identity when logging in or making an initial trade. Furthermore, you can choose the one you prefer or set both.

If your country is on the ‘Supported Country List’ of the phone numbers, click SMS Authentication to bind your mobile phone. If your country is not on the list, it is necessary to bind the Google 2-step Verification for your account’s security.


Above is our review of the Tapbit cryptocurrency exchange. Overall, Tapbit is a trusted crypto service platform founded in 2021. Like other popular crypto exchanges, Tapbit exchange offers major crypto assets like BTC , ETH, SOL, DOT and USDC for investors. It offers almost all the necessary features for traders at an affordable fee.
The reputable Tapbit exchange is undeniable. The exchange has achieved very high status and has a good name among many users from all over the world. This situation is entirely justified due to the excellent financial, banking and support features of the exchange, as well as the opinions of many experts and experienced traders.

DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.

Review of tapbit Exchange: Get Ready to Profit from the Crypto Boom with Tapbit
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