Is BTCC Exchange Worth Your Time and Money? Find Out in Our Review

​Standing strong as one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms, BTCC was founded back in 2011 in China. It was based out of Shanghai, although that base of operations has been shut down since the Chinese government tightened its stance on the world of crypto. However, its other branches continue to function and serve customers worldwide as it offers various unique features and services to its customers. It offers a selective list of cryptocurrencies and altcoins for users to trade. Individuals can buy through USD as the primary fiat currency and use it for deposits or withdrawals. Let’s take a look at the BTCC review in detail.

BTCC Summary

Official Website


Hong Kong

Found in


Native Token


Listed Cryptocurrency


Trading Pairs


Supported Fiat Currencies


Supported Countries

Most of All

Minimum Deposit

100 USDT

Deposit Fees

Depends on Currency

Transaction Fees

Maker – 0.1%
Taker – 0.1%

Withdrawal Fees

0.0015 BTC



Customer Support

Yes, via Mail, Submit Form, & FAQ Support

​Quick Overview of BTCC

  • BTCC is a cryptocurrency exchange initially based out of China and now operates from Hong Kong and the UK.
  • BTCC is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges and focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • BTCC has been one of the most popular and trusted platforms among users and has become one of China’s largest exchange services providers.
  • BTCC has a minimum transaction limit which varies based on the mode of depositing funds into the platform.
  • BTCC exchange can be regarded as one of the more engaged and socially active exchanges through its communications on Twitter.
  • The exchange has also made a multi-purpose wallet for users which supports numerous currencies and comes with an uncommon utility, i.e., OCOs (One Cancels Other).

​What Is BTCC?

BTCC is a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the leading ten cryptocurrencies of the marketplace. These cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. It has been operational since 2011 and has been an exchange that experienced tremendous growth (functioning out of Hong Kong). BTCC offers relatively higher transaction fees. The platform also offers an online crypto wallet (and a mobile app called ‘Mobi’ ) for the users, enabling them to store various crypto assets.

BTCC has served over 6 million individuals to date, and the user base continues to increase. The platform has a KYC policy and other verification procedures individuals must complete before they start to harness the platform’s full potential.

​How Does BTCC Work?

BTCC is a cryptocurrency exchange platform’s potential, and thus, it primarily functions from the various trading fees or other charges that apply to the users when they do a transaction. Payment methods include wire transfer, credit card, etc., and the deposits must be made in USD. Although it works from Hong Kong and UK divisions, the platform enables US-based investors to become traders on the exchange and take action.

BTCC has a significant liquidity pool and other niche services that allow individuals to streamline buying altcoins. The exchange has also increased the number of supported crypto assets (from a former limit of 4 supported coins) as the platform continues to grow and evolve.

​How to Trade With BTCC?

The process of trading cryptos with BTCC begins with registration/ logging in. The registered individuals can log in, and new customers can sign up and complete the verification process and ‘Know Your Customer procedures. Once verified, the individuals can either trade their existing cryptos from their assets or buy cryptos through any of their desired payment methods (supported methods include wire transfer, cards, etc.). Individuals can also earn on the platform through referrals and bringing in fresh customers once they start trading. The rewards do not cap on them and can theoretically be a source of constant funds and earnings.

​Is BTCC Regulated?

As the BTCC was founded in China and the current operations are based in Hong Kong (registered in the United Kingdom), BTCC is regulated by the respective governing bodies of China and HK. The strict and firm policies of China have kept the exchange under constant observation. Still, it doesn’t benefit the users because the regulations might not always be in the best intentions of the users or individuals. The UK division of the platform lies under the jurisdiction of corresponding authorities, who might tend to be more open and progressive. BTCC isn’t regulated on the UK side as the country’s view on cryptocurrency has started to evolve.

​Features of BTCC

  • BTCC has been able to stay one of the most popular platforms even after a decade of its conception due to a list of simple yet ingenious features that have become user’s default preferences.
  • BTCC has services that support 10 of all major cryptocurrencies in the marketplace.
  • BTCC provides the feature of OCO, which refers to One Cancels the Other. If two concurrent orders are in the queue and one is fulfilled, partially or entirely, the other gets canceled.
  • The exchange also comes with a way to limit or stop orders of cryptos and set a maximum trading value or volume.
  • BTCC is one of the most lucrative platforms and exchanges to use with an easy user interface and hassle-free process.

​BTCC Review: Pros and Cons



  • BTCC offers high liquidity and a consistent list of orders.
  • BTCC comes with a unique mix of features that both beginners and advanced users can use.
  • The platform has been able to stay safe and maintain a secure environment for the individuals who wish to use it.
  • The platform has a strong presence for customer support and has amassed a sense of reliability among its users.
  • ​China’s policy on cryptocurrency in the future will affect the scope and scale of the exchange.
  • ​Advanced functionalities are limited to the supported cryptocurrencies and not as decentralized as some of the other platforms.
  • ​BTCC is not limited to some of the other cryptocurrency hubs around the world.
  • The withdrawal fee might be higher as some alternatives and the lack of a Chinese market are yet to take effect.

​Getting Started with BTCC

The individuals who wish to start an account with the company can register through their website. With attention to security, the platform has a history of high safety standards, and the individuals would need to verify their mobile number before starting the KYC procedure. Once verified, the users can use the website for crypto trading with the least risk.

The people who wish to become a part of the mining pool can use the platform for the same and mint from the list of supported crypto assets. Beginners can also seek help or other content from the online community that can be contacted by many social media platforms (with over 200,000 members).


The fees charged by the exchange are a mixed bag. The transaction fee is highly competitive, although the withdrawals come with higher trading fees when put against some of the competitors in the market. The minimum amount of Bitcoin fee for withdrawal is 0.0015 BTC.

Fees for cash withdrawals are 0.30%, but they also happen to be a minimum value. The opening fee in most cases is zero, but the closing fee is what differs and may seem higher. Apart from the asset, the fees vary depending upon the kind of transactions (such as swap, daily settlement, etc.). However, to get the complete fee structure of BTCC exchange by clicking here.

​BTCC Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to depositing funds to the platform, individuals can use various listed payment systems, including wire transfer, credit card (or debit cards), and few cryptocurrencies. The option to directly deposit through crypto assets is not very common to see in exchanges. Individuals must get their accounts verified to be able to deposit funds fully.

Withdrawals are just as intuitive and easy as depositing funds. For online bank withdrawals, there is a daily limit of 100,000 or 500 when it comes to withdrawing Bitcoin. USD is the primary fiat currency for both withdrawals and deposits.

BTCC Trading Platform

The BTCC exchange platform offers a seamless and rewarding experience to those who use it to trade cryptocurrency. Over the years, It has successfully made an interface that appeals to the customers and keeps up with the growing security risks. Despite this, BTCC exchange has managed to stay above any major vulnerability or cyber attack. This might be a result of the impeccable security standards and safety protocols that have been deployed on the platform. Any BTCC review boasts of its excellence and the finesse that lies in even the most minor details to offer a simple and transparent platform.

​BTCC Payment Methods

​BTCC supports all the popular payment methods for both withdrawals and deposits. The payment ought to be made in USD, and the modes of payment include bank transfers, debit cards (or credit cards), and directly depositing cryptocurrency. The exchange does not support Yuan (Chinese currency) anymore, but the future of its operation in China might change this aspect in a swift motion.

BTCC Bonus and Promotions

The company’s website suggests that individuals get 500 USDT for every person they bring in, and there is no limit. In addition to these rewards, the company has also offered a promotional bonus (at the time of writing this article), commemorating its ten most minor years of operations. To refer a new person, the individuals can log into the platform and generate a referral code or a hyperlink that the unique individual can use to navigate to the platform and register.

BTCC Customer Support

Customer support has been one of the company’s strong suits, and the team behind the platform consistently takes feedback from the customers as it keeps on updating the platform. Constant updates and focus on every fine detail of any BTCC review is how the exchange has built a cherished platform and is praised by the majority of its user base. The company also tries to engage with its customers through social media channels and provides information about any new activity or change through their Twitter handle.

​BTCC Review: Conclusion

BTCC is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platform around the globe and has managed to stay in the territory of the elites by keeping up with the waves of the crypto marketplace. A decade of trust, reliability, ease of use, and security has positioned the company as a good recommendation for any individual who can suffice with the list of supported cryptocurrencies and trade pairs & lives in the regions where the exchange is available.


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Is BTCC Exchange Worth Your Time and Money? Find Out in Our Review
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